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Thank you for your interest in Grace Christian Elementary and Middle Schools.


It is the purpose of Grace Christian Elementary and Middle Schools to provide a sound academic education integrated with a Christian view of God and His world.

The first step in the admissions process may be to schedule a complimentary Educational Success Consultation (ESC) with an administrator. This is an opportunity to share your educational goals for your student and to hear how our school can help you meet those goals. Please call 541-858-7257 now to schedule. If you already feel that Grace is right for your family and you don't need additional information, please call 541-858-7257 to begin the enrollment process.


  1. At an ESC, you will have the opportunity to obtain an Admissions Packet. The Admissions Packet includes:
    • Application Form
    • Tuition and Fee Schedule
    • Pastoral Reference Form
    • Personal Reference Form
    • Student Academic Report
    • Other information about the school

  2. Return the completed Application Form, a copy of your student's most recent report card, and the $60.00 non-refundable Application Fee. If your student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), please submit a copy, along with the most recent IEP evaluation. Middle school students must also complete the Middle School Survey.

  3. Distribute the Pastoral Reference, Personal Reference, and the Student Academic Report to appropriate individuals. (Academic Report does not apply to 3 and 4 year old Pre-School/Pre-K). It is your responsibility to ensure that these are mailed or faxed to the school in a timely fashion.

  4. Complete the Financial Assistance application, if applicable. Click here for more information: Financial Assistance.

  5. When all of the above listed materials have been received, an interview with the Administration will be scheduled. (A second interview is not uncommon, nor is a request for additional references.)

  6. If your student meets enrollment qualifications and openings are available at the time of your interview, a space may be offered to you. Your registration payment will secure that space.

  7. If openings are not available at the time of your interview, your qualified student will be placed in a Wait Pool. Priority may be assigned based on the above-mentioned criteria. You will be notified if space opens for your student.

  8. Students entering during the school year may be enrolled on a probationary status.



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Financial Assistance Documents

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