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Are you aware that Grace Christian Schools (Grace Christian School and Cascade Christian High School) has more than $400,000 in needs-based financial assistance?

In order to be better stewards of staff and volunteer board member time, as well as precious school resources, Grace Christian Schools uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to conduct the financial needs analysis. Application is made online directly to FACTS at Supporting documentation must be faxed or emailed directly to FACTS. You may begin the application process for the 2014-2015 school year on March 1, 2014.

FACTS charges a $30.00 processing fee per family (not per student) for their needs analysis service. This represents the cost of their service and is paid entirely to FACTS. Grace Christian Schools makes no profit on this service.

FACTS is a well-established company, recognized and endorsed by ACSI, serving nearly 5,000 private and faith-based schools nationwide. They are diligent to provide confidentiality and close security for all sensitive customer information.

Though information gathering and needs analysis are performed by FACTS, final award decisions are at the discretion of Grace Christian Schools. FACTS will make its recommendations based upon their many years of experience and service to thousands of schools, while recognizing that parent-student relationship are also a factor in this process.


The Needs-Based Financial Assistance Application Process is as Follows:

 - Make application online with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment (

 - Payment of $30.00 processing fee to FACTS

 - Copies of supporting documentation (tax forms, W-2's, etc.) supplied to FACTS by uploading into your online account or fax them to 866-315-9264. Draft or Preview Copy tax documents will not be accepted.

 - Financial Peace University "diploma", if applicable, provided to FACTS

 - FACTS will notify you when your application is complete or if more information/documentation is needed

 - FACTS will conduct their needs analysis and make an award recommendation to the GCS Financial Assistance Committee

 - The GCS Financial Assistance Committee meets periodically from April through August, excepting July, to discuss needs-based financial assistance. You will be notified by email of their reward decision.

 - Please note that, in addition to the FACTS recommendation, a family's consistent payment record and willingness to participate in volunteer opportunities will also be taken into consideration.

Please allow 2 weeks for your application and supporting tax documents to be processed before contacting FACTS.

If you have questions about the Needs-Based Financial Assistance application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 1-866-315-9262. Customer Service hours are M-TH, 5:30 am - 5:00 pm PST and until 3:00 pm on Fridays.

Before applying, please be aware that:


 - Needs-Based Financial Assistance of up to 50% tuition cost is typically awarded only to students in First Grade and older.

 - A Middle School family's ability to participate in the Grade 8 U.S. Historical Tour (a.k.a. "Washington D.C. Trip") will reduce their perceived need for financial assistance from the school. Please communicate with the school in writing if there is a special circumstance related to your student's participation (i.e., grandparents are funding the trip; student is working to earn his/her own way, etc.).

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